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Crucial Phase To Protect NHS Writes Andy Burnham MP

Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary writes to highlight the the need for continued support of the NHS and campaign against the privatisation of the NHS by the Health Care Services Bill.

Andy burnham MP"Our battle to protect the NHS is now entering its most crucial phase.

I am more convinced than ever that we can stop the Government's privatising Health Bill - but I need your help.

In the first few months of 2012, Labour's Drop The Bill campaign will intensify. By the time the Bill comes back to the Commons in April, we want to have revealed the full weight of opposition across the country to the Government's plans.

Two weeks ago, I revealed David Cameron's hidden ambition to turn NHS hospitals into private businesses by allowing them to make 49% of their income - and filling half of their beds - with private patients.

This dangerous plan brings home to people how the NHS will never be the same again if the Tories get their way. Labour will continue to take David Cameron to task over his privatisation plans.

I will not stand by and let David Cameron turn our precious NHS into a US-style system, where hospitals are more interested in profits than people.

With the NHS able to devote half of their beds and theatre time to private patients, people are beginning to see how our hospitals will never be the same again if Cameron's plans gets through Parliament.

Click here to sign the petitionTime is running out for the NHS but it's not too late. If Labour, the public and our healthcare professionals stand together, we can stop this Americanisation of the NHS.

At the end of last year a local GP, Dr Kailash Chand, set up a Government e-petition calling on the Government to drop the Bill. If we can get 100,000 people to sign it we can pile on the pressure for David Cameron to change course and put the NHS first.

Nye Bevan famously said that there would be an NHS “for as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it”. That fight is now upon us.

Please sign the petition here or click the pic, and ask four people you know, who care about the future of our NHS, to sign as well.

Thank you."

Please email this link to all your contacts, asking them to sign the petition:

Source: Andy Burnham MP

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