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E-Petition Against MPs Vested Financial Interests In NHS privatisation Launched

Earlier this year, the full extent of corruption within parliament around the privatisation of the NHS via the passing of the Health and Social Care bill, turning it into an Act; was fully exposed with the listing of over 200 parliamentarians names of those with financial interests in private healthcare companies now taking over the running of the NHS.

As a result an E-Petition demanding investigations into this was launched.

Click to sign the petitionThe NHS services take-overs, include acquisition of NHS staff and nurses, as well as NHS buildings and hospitals!

The list of names represents the dire state of our democracy. The financial and vested interests of our MPs and Lords in private healthcare. 

According to the Social Investigations website:

“Over 200 parliamentarians have financial links to companies involved in healthcare and they were all allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care bill, turning it into an Act.

Who cares that they have put it in the register of interests. This doesn’t excuse their interests, it merely highlights clearly why they should have no part in voting for what is fast becoming the dismantling of the NHS. It is privatisation, despite the media’s continued use of the word ‘reforms’. The question must be asked. Are they public servants or corporate servants?”

Both houses of parliament are involved, with 140 Lords and 65 Mps listed  as having financial vested interests in companies involved in private healthcare at the time of the Health and Social Care bill being debated and voted on in both houses.

Website used by NHS Trusts to tenderWhilst Andy Burnham MP is publicly denouncing the take over of NHS services and hospitals by the likes of VirginCare and Circle Health, there is still no indication by Ed Miliband that a future Labour government would scrap existing contracts to those companies plundering the NHS and working toward a future of healthcare profiteering like that which goes on in the American healthcare insurance based system.

Whilst it is not being heralded loud and clear by Parliament and its MPs and Lords making profit from the take-overs by healthcare companies, the fact is that not one single PCT/Hospital Trust is forced by any legislation or even the HCS Act 2012;  to offer NHS services to the private sector.

In reality, they do so voluntarily and for private profit and NOT due to patient care needs!

Proof of this fact can be seen by the success of Gloucestershire anti-privatisation campaigners when their local NHS Trust tried to hand over the healthcare of their patients to private companies instead of leaving them with the NHS.

Click to download the letter in fullIt was also further confirmed by the government themselves in a ministerial letter obtained through an a Freedom of Information request from a member of the campaign group in Gloucester.

As a result of these revelations, an E-Petition demanding an enquiry into the involvement in the decision making process of Lords and MPs having financial involvement in private healthcare companies. The full terms of the petition and option to sign it can be read on the petition website here

This website fully reported on the list of names, and specifically on the Labour peers and MPs detailed. That news item can be found here

With 10,000 signatures required before it can be considered for action, it is imperative that as many people as possible sign it before further NHS hospitals are taken-over by private healthcare companies and MPs and Lords personally benefit financially from the take-overs.

Sign E-Petition here

For full list of Labour MPs benefiting financially from NHS privatisation, go to:

Despite Protestation Labour MPs Profit From NHS Privatisation

Source: Social Investigations / NHS

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