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The NHS Is Actually Being Abolished By Stealth - The Evidence On Film

Corporate interests rather than patient care is driving reform in today's NHS and as a direct result NHS budgets are being diverted into the profits of private healthcare companies such as Virgincare, Circle Health, and Care UK to name but three.

Further, and worse still a major arms dealing company from the USA, Lockheed Martin are currently bidding to provide £1 billion worth of NHS support services.

TV and Radio news media are failing to tell the public just what is actually going on in the NHS and instead are running government agenda news stories of disaster within the NHS all aimed at further excuses and justification for full blown privatisation of healthcare as in the American system.

Film maker Peter Bach has produced an authoritive film entitled 'Sell Off – Abolition of Your NHS', which tells the truth about what, is happening and the fact that our NHS is being ABOLISHED!

His film is radical. With over a dozen NHS insiders as witnesses, this film tells the alarming story of how the health service as we know it is being quietly abolished.

Almost without our noticing, it’s been replaced by a system modelled on the US in which care is delivered by profit-maximising companies that charge patients for treatment which is anyway to be restricted and reduced.

One medical reporter the filmmaker knows claims that health reporting today is so poor because few journalists have real sources inside the NHS. Well, this film has a riot of medical sources - including one professor, two consultant radiologists, a cancer expert, a public interest lawyer, and several outspoken GPs.

What they all have to say is truly be shocking, unusual and brave.

With the film being available via the website, the film maker Peter Bach, introduces the film:

Pic: Peter Bach“I will shine a torch on what some doctors see as a glaring omission in the national psyche. I have identified a powerful group of figures within the NHS who are alarmed by the public's lack of awareness about the abolition of their NHS.

This film will follow their arguments right the way up to the Health Secretary’s relinquishing of responsibility for the nation's health, and will argue that it must be reversed. This film also takes you on a personal journey to a national theme that has massive implications for us all. It will reveal a hidden agenda that’s already having disastrous effects.”

Peter adds:

“According to one senior consultant: ‘It’s like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank’. Each of the insiders will speak to us intimately, as if we’re patients in the consulting room. It will be clear that these doctors are people simply doing their jobs by putting their patients’ interests – which are also the viewers' interests – first.”

But his concluding words are perhaps the most harrowing about what is truly happening to our NHS:

“What perhaps will surprise us most is how efficiency and quality will drop. Or, perilously, how close we are to falling forever down a pitiless US-style empty well of no-bucks-no-care. Though the diagnosis remains bleak, the strength of the characters at the film's disposal should give us surprising hope, casting flashes of light across an otherwise bleak landscape.”

The style of the film is intimate, hand-held scrupulousness. Interviews take place in discreet corners of hospitals, surgeries and streets, the images at times elevated by a powerful soundtrack, leaving the viewer with an overall admiration for the doctors’ speaking out, combined with anger at what’s happening.

You can watch the film here

Source: Defend Our NHS / / Unionsafety

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