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International Workers Memorial Day 2015 Events In Manchester

Rember the Dead: Fight for the Living  #IWMD15
Rally Albert Square 12 noon
Meeting in People’s History Museum 13.30


On 28th April, join us in Albert Square at 12 noon,  to remember those killed at and by work and join the fight to stop others dying unnecessarily.

IWMD has been marked in the UK since the early 1990s when the Hazards Campaign brought it here from our friends in Canadian and USA  trade unions.  Quite properly we have an official day to remember all those killed by war and we also  need a special day to remember those killed by mostly preventable incidents and illnesses at work, and to fight for the living – explain what will stop these unnecessary deaths and harm.  In 2010 the government  made IWMD an official day joining around 30 other countries.

We need IWMD because more people are killed by work than by war or terrorism and almost all could have, and should have been, prevented.  Join us on 28 April at our Rally in Albert Square at 12 noon.  All are welcome, and we especially invite everyone who has experienced the death of someone they love in a workplace incident , or due to an illness caused by work,  and to tell us so we can include their  name. 

We have music from Claire Mooney, speakers from trade unions including Kevin Courtney Deputy  Gen Sec.  of the NUT,  families of those killed in incidents and by asbestos and PCC Angela Rayner. 

Dorothy Wright  and Joanne Hill will be speaking for FACK, and  the family of Bruce Dempsey and other people killed at work will be present.  We will  read the names of those we know killed by work over the last 5 years,  lay wreaths,  and hold a minutes silence.  Followed by a play: ‘Exposed to hazardous substances at work? Use the COSHH- That’s the way to do it!’ which shows how we can stop work causing cancer, heart, lung and other diseases by eliminating the hazardous substances  from work. 

The rally ends with  a shout out  ‘ Hazardous Substances at work? Hell No!’

Then we move to the People’s History Museum for tea and coffee, to see the Exhibition and a meeting at 13.30 “Putting hazardous substances out of work in UK and EU” Speakers: Kevin Courtney Deputy Gen Sec . NUT, Angela Rayner Labour PPC Ashton-under-Lyne and Hilda Palmer for GMHC on the threat from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty to prevention of exposure to hazardous substances at work.

A spokesperson for Manchester IWMD Organising Group said:

  “ No-one should be killed for going to work. Work shouldn’t  hurt or make us ill and it certainly shouldn’t kill but it kills over 2 .3 million worldwide every year, more than war. Even in this country over a thousand people are killed in work incidents and up to 50,000  die from work-illnesses every year, that ‘s 140 a day! 

And the last 5 years have seen heath and safety attacked, ridiculed as pointless ‘red tape’, a ‘burden on business’.  Regulations have been cut and enforcement slashed with the consequence that injuries and illnesses are going up and workers face increased risks with even less protection.

On IWMD we remember those killed at Rana Plaza and in other factory fires and collapses in Asia, miners killed at Soma in Turkey, workers blown up in explosions in the USA  as well as our own dead. We call for justice for them all and an end to all these preventable deaths, and an end to the Race the Bottom and a People before Profits Race to the Top. 

Work cancer can be prevented by eliminating exposure to carcinogens at work we can  #Put cancer out of Work and echo the ITUC #TOXIC WORK - STOP DEADLY EXPOSURES TODAY! “

More information: Hilda Palmer, Joint TU IWMD Organising Group Tel: 0161 636 7557  mobile: 079298 00240

Source: GM Hazards

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