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International Workers Memorial Day 2015 Theme Announced

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)The ITUC have announced the theme for Workers Memorial Day 2015 on the customary 28th April.

Writing to the TUC, they said:

“I’m writing you to start with the preparations of our 28 April 2015. We would like to suggest a focus on “removing exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace”. This will allow us to highlight the need for addressing chemical-related hazards, asbestos as well as the Ebola virus and other potentially hazardous biological exposures.” Slogans, Twitter hashtags suggestions and other communication tools will be developed in the coming weeks and will be posted on the ITUC/Hazards 28 April webpages.”

The theme dovetails into proposals by the ETUC for a campaign on hazardous substances.

The TUC say that Unions within the UK will run with this and they will do a survey of activists on the issue, but, given that the day occurs a few days before the election we may also want to focus on the Government’s attacks on health and safety, in addition to the wider theme.

Many USRs have been critical of the TUC and individual trade unions in the UK for the lacklustre campaigns in support of International Workers Memorial Day given that it gives the perfect opprotunity to highlight ot he general public, the appalling attitude of sucessive governments of recent years to the health, safety and welfare of workers.

The TUC will be maintaining the usual website on events on the day once information is known and also hopes to produce a poster.

Source: ITUC / CWU

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