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Merseyside Branch Leads On Dog Bites Advice And Dangerous Dogs Information

Within the North West, the work being undertaken by CWU Branch Grter Mersey Amal is leading the regional campaign on Dangerous Dogs and not just within the CWU.

Pic: Jamie McGovernAs pioneered by Dave Joyce, CWU's National Health, Safety and Environmental Officer through his work on the CWU Dangerous Dogs Campaign involving both the Union and other national campaign groups at national level; on Merseyside, the Branch's Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern (pic left) has been heavily involved with the local community in the form of Liverpool University, Merseyside Police and the Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership in combating the scourge of most Postal workers - dangerous dogs and the risk of bites and serious injury and even death!

Following on from the work he has done in producing a Merseyside Map of Dangerous Dogs hotspot post codes (Merseyside Dangerous Dogs Hotspots Map Developed By The Branch) Jamie McGovern has now produced several leaflets on Dog Bites giving practical information and advice.

The three document pictured to the right can be downloaded by clicking on the document you wish to download. Jamie explains:

" The dog bite advice sheets came about through our partnership work with MDSP we than worked with Liverpool University researchers in October whereby they were on delivery with our Postal Workers to experience 'real life' experiences with dangerous dogs.

Pic: Dog bites leaflets - click to download Our advice sheets have been shared with all CWU ASRS in the west central area and will be used to offer advice to CWU members in this area.

It is hoped these become a national document ready for Dog Awareness Week next year."

These leaflets are extremely valuable in the fight against dangerous dogs and becoming a victim of irresponsible dog ownership, for it is the owners who are creating the risk in the manner in which they treat and home their pet dogs.

It is easy to forget that ALL dogs, and not just so-called dangerous breeds, can in the wrong circumstances potentially cause serious injury if they bite someone.

Indeed, some times it is the small and apparently innocuous dog that can be a big threat and do the most damage to property and the human body.

The three leaflets consist of one that Jamie has put together, and two from Merseyside Dogs Safety Partnership.

Each one can be downloaded individually in the form of a PDF document, simply by clicking on its pic above.

Jamie is hoping that next year the CWU will pick up his leaflet as a part of national guidance on dangerous dog bites incidents.

Source: C Ingram / Jamie McGovern / Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership

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