2023-08-25 10:28

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CWU H&S Dept Reminds Branches Of The Dog Bite Compensation Scheme
For Royal Mail Employees

Dave Joyce, CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer has issued a reminder to all the Union's Royal Mail Branches concerning the Royal Mail Group compensation scherem which is available to all employees in the event they sustain an injury whilst at work caused by a dangerous dog attack.

Is appears that this is a scheme which many do not utilise in the veent of becoing a victiom of a dog bite which subesequentlyh leads to sick leave.

Dave Joyce explains:

It has again come to our attention in the Health, Safety & Environment Department that many Branch Reps and members who are injured in Dog Attacks and are subsequently off work sick are not aware of, and do not make applications under the Royal Mail Dog Attack Compensation Scheme.

If injured and off work sick as a result of the dog attack, benefits are available to members under the Royal Mail “Dog Attack Compensation Scheme”.

The scheme pays compensation amounting to the difference between full rate sick pay and an individual’s average weekly earnings over the previous 13 weeks prior to the dog attack incident.
This is paid out regardless of any Personal Injury Litigation Compensation which may be recovered by the Union Solicitors acting for the member.

A Royal Mail – ‘Dog Attack Compensation Scheme’ Claim Form is attached which Branches can print off and keep available in the branch office for members when needed.

The form can also be located on PSP.  If a manager requires a copy of the form they can type in ‘Dog Attack Compensation’ and the form will appear under the searches.

Royal Mail “Dog Attack Compensation Scheme” Conditions are:-

  1. 1 week minimum sick absence must be incurred in order to qualify to submit a claim.
  2. A maximum of 13 weeks average earnings will be paid out whilst an individual is off work sick following an attack.
  3. Christmas and summer pressure periods and annual leave periods will be excluded from the average earnings calculation.


  • Report all dog attacks to management.
  • Record all dog attacks on ‘DART’ (RM SHE Standard 2.7).
  • Record all injury dog attacks on ‘ERICA’.
  • Report all dog attacks to the Police and get a ‘Crime Number’.
  • Report all dog attacks to the Local Authority Dog Warden or officer responsible for Dog Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour issues.
  • If the member is injured, complete a CWU LS3 Form and submit it to the Union’s Legal Services Department who will instruct the Union’s lawyers.
  • Make an application under the Royal Mail Dog Attack Compensation Scheme.

You can download a copy of the compensation scheme claims form from the Postal Constituency Agreements page of this website, here

Source: Dave Joyce / CWU


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