2023-08-25 10:28

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Health & Safety Organisation In The CWU Survey Still Open

Pic: QR Code - scan to go to external website Unionsafety has launched a survey for you to express your views via 11 questions; on health and safety at work and the way in which Trade Unions and specifically the CWU organise their health & safety structures and organisation.

The survey will take literally about 1 minute to complete and can be done immediately using the form below or via the survey website if you prefer.

Please read the 11 questions carefully before clicking on the yes/no button in each question.

You can also pass on these detail to work colleagues, and use the QR Code above to add to posters and emails and your own Branch website in order to publicise the survey and maximise responses.

Now is the opportunity for you to express your opinion on the future of Health & Safety and how it is organised within the CWU, especially given the threat that Brexit and this Tory Government poses for health & safety legislation and rights at work.


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