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NHS Turned Into Limited Companies And Clinical Staff Transferred Out

Many commentators hold the view that we can't have both Brexit and the NHS, and expecting a subsequent UK/US trade deal the Government will be desperate for; to result in an American Healthcare take-over of the NHS.

Many, politicians of different persuasions also hold this view and see the exit of the Tory Government as the only way of saving the NHS after Brexit.

However, those holding such views may be sadly wrong in their assessments!

Why you may ask.

The truth is that the destruction of the NHS is well underway and the threat of ACOs is not the sole problem.

Right now NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals are beginning to implement one of the basic tenants of Redwood and Letwin's 1988 NHS policy booklet: Britain's Biggest Enterprise and Jeremy Hunt's book on privatising the NHS:

Hospitals and their clinical staff are the cornerstones of the NHS, without which there will be no such entity as a National Health Service.

Right now the ideas in both policy documents mentioned above is being implemented - total financial independence from the NHS both in terms of NHS Foundation Trust Boards forming themselves into limited companies and staff being TUPED out with the resultant loss of NHS pay and terms of conditions.

Once this is done across the whole of NHS England, and ACO/ICOs introduced, there will be nothing in the way of them being taken over by American Healthcare Companies such as United Health who were coincidentally the previous employer of the current boss of NHS England Simon Stevens.

The BMA commented:

"Combining multiple services into one contract risks the potential for non-NHS providers taking over the provision of care for entire health economies, as the contract would be subject to open competition rules. Moreover, a single ten-year contract would force re-procurement each time and create significant uncertainty.

The BMA strongly supports the ongoing provision of a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS, and calls for the government to clarify what safeguards will be in place to ensure that ACOs do not enable an increase in the role of independent sector providers in the NHS."

Source: BMA / unionsafety / Britains Biggest Enterprise


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