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Old Tyres Kill And Leaves Families Bereaved Warning

The toll on Frances Molloy of losing her son in a wholly avoidable accident is palpable whenever she speaks of her campaign to get Old tyres banned.

No mother should ever suffer the loss of her child, and it is this terrible tragedy that too many are at risk of suffering because of worn tyres on vehicles; that has enveloped Frances' life.

The response to her campaign by government ministers in blocking the second reading of Maria Eagle's Old Tyres Bill shows how cold, callous, and indeed inhumane they truly are.

CWU's Greater Mersey Amal Branch Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern has lead the way in his Branch on supporting this campaign, and posted Frances' video message to his Facebook account.

In a very personal message, Frances Molloy pleaded for support for her bill:

To all Mums, Dads and families in the UK,

A message from a heartbroken Mum this Christmas.

No one should ever lose a loved one because of dangerously old tyres on our coaches. The law MUST be changed to prevent future deaths. Please help us.

Pls share this video, like our page, visit our website & help us change this law.


Jamie has this message for readers of this website:

"For the sake of your family, friends and loved ones, please share this very moving video and get behind the 'Tyred' campaign to make the use of old tyres illegal. Remember this: Old tyres kill!!"

Frances Molloy was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 programme 'You and Yours' at 12:15pm on Thrusday 21st December. Below is the oportunity to listen to the interview whichw as very illuminating. Also appread on the programme was Stefan Hay, CEO of National Tyre Distributors Association, in support of Frances' Tyred Campaign to get old tyres made illegal:


Source: Jamie McGovern / Tyred Camapign / C Ingram / BBC Radio 4

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