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CWU Safety Reps Bring Joy To Little Boy Mauled By Dangerous Dogs In Liverpool

An 11 year old boy playing in a park in Speke, a district in Liverpool, was attacked by two dangerous dogs and left with wounds requiring 340 stitches one day in early June.

The attack has left Lewis incredibly shaken and a shadow of the happy little boy his family knew before the attack.

His parents were so shocked by the in juries their little boy suffered that they allowed the Liverpool Echo to use a photograph of their son as part of their coverage of the attack, in the hope of warning other parents of just how bad such an attack can be and to send a clear message to irresponsible dog owners.

When Area Safety Rep from Greater Mersey Amal, Jamie McGovern and his deputy Union Safety Rep Mark Evans read the report in the local newspaper, they were both so touched by the image of Lewis Barkley; they decided something must be done to show him that people do care and to help towards his recovery in some way.

Speaking to their Branch Secretary, Mark Walsh, it was decided that buying him a special treat while he recovers from his injuries, and knew just what might be the best gift for him.

The Echo reported that Lewis was comforted by his Dad on the way to the hospital by talking about his favourite training shoes, and this plus an England World Cup 2018 Shirt, is what they decided to buy him.

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) represents postal workers and BT engineers across Merseyside - many of whom have suffered 'horrific' dog attacks in their line of work, the Echo report stated.

With the full support of the Branch Jamie McGovern visited Lewis at his home in Speke yesterday (3rd July) to give him his favourite trainers and the England shirt just in time for Lewis to watch the England v Columbia match on TV.

The group even bought Lewis a brand new England shirt for him to wear while he watched the Three Lions take on Colombia tonight.

Speaking to the ECHO, Jamie said:

"Because of the jobs we do, we suffer a lot of dog attacks. We know what people go through with them and when we saw the story we were pretty much heartbroken. If this brings a smile to Lewis' face then it's worth every penny. We know dog attacks change lives and a lot of us were heartbroken when we saw the photos."

Lewis' family were reported to be ‘blown away’ by the CWU's random act of kindness, saying they've been amazed by the kindness and generosity the community has shown.

When it comes right down to it, this is what being a CWU Union Safety Rep is all about, and what the CWU's Greater Mersey Amal Branch is all about - helping and supporting the community in which they live.

Source: Liverpool Echo / Jamie McGovern


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