2023-08-25 10:28

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CWU Union Safety Reps - Active In Their Local Communities

North West BT Unions Health and Safety Co-ord Chairperson, Derek Maylor givbes ius a brief insight into part of his communtiy activities:

Part of the role in being a Union Safety Representative is what we do outside work in the community; issues concerning health, safety and the environment do not stop when leaving the workplace and the CWU encourages all members to be active in their communities.

For several years I have been a Governor of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust and this year I was asked to be part of the judging team to assess the 2018 staff awards.

This year sees the 70th year of the NHS and it is under severe cut backs and more pressure for services than ever before.

The staff from all parts of the NHS are special and have full community support so we should celebrate the special efforts of those who stand out and acknowledge success.

This sounds easy but the nominees in all the different categories were so deserving it was extremely difficult to separate and find winners, just being nominated in a category is quite an achievement to start with.

Also the patient nominations were emotionally charged, real lives changed by Bridgewater staff.

Obviously I cannot mention who won which awards but we will all look forward to the presentations event in September!

A previous awards event – me alongside the then Chair Harry Holden (L standing)

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