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Calls For UK Recognition Of Thai Teacher’s Actions Which Saved The Lives Of His Pupils

On the day that all 12 pupils and members of their school football club are recovered alive from the underground cave structures which were partly flooded due to early heavy rainfall prior to the start of the country’s monsoon season; this website can report that Derek Maylor, Chair of the North West BT Unions Health & Safety Co-ord; had last weekend, emailed the CWU’s head of Health & Safety calling for the Union to spear-head a call to give official UK recognition to the bravery of the teacher accompanying the young footballers which has since resulted in the saving of their lives.

Derek wrote:

"The young footballers of the Wild Boars Academy were stuck by unexpected rising water they were kept calm and led to the best option by Ekkapol Chatawong.  

The parents of the boys have written to Ekkapol absolving him of any responsibility for their predicament; they thanked him for taking care of their sons pleading with him not to feel any guilt. He was not reckless, the site was not due to be “off limits” for another week for the expected rainy season.

The boys are Prajak (14), Pipat (15), Panumas (13), Duangpeth (13), Nattawut (14), Peerapat (16), Chanin (11), Mongkol (14), Adul (14), Ekkarat 14), Pornchai (16), Sompomg (13).

Ekkapol led the boys in meditation, ensured they only drank clean water, rationed the use of torches, organised the sharing of rations and so on. Ekkapol demonstrated inspirational leadership under the most demanding and unimaginable circumstances on every level. Ekkapol Chatawong himself is only 25 years old.

There should be some sort of personal recognition for Ekkapol shown by the UK and the CWU could drive it. It could be from CWU, TUC, Labour Party, the PFA and so one. It may be already going on but I don’t know of anything but if not CWU H and S Dept. would be seen as leading it ourselves in recognising his leadership – safety from the front.

Incidentally Ekkapol’s back story is a sign to his leadership – both his parents died by the time he was ten, his remaining family placed him in a Buddhist monastery as they couldn’t pay for his education, after eight years he left the temple to look after his grandmother."

Unionsafety will report on the response from the CWU in due course.    

Source: unionsafety

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