2023-08-25 10:28

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Secondary Asbestos Dust Inhalation Recognised By Scottish Court

In the first judgement of its kind in Scotland, the relatives of a widow who died after being exposed to toxic asbestos dust from washing her husband's work overalls have been awarded £247,000 damages.

In what is a landmark Scottish legal ruling, Babcock International Ltd has been ordered to pay compensation to the children, grandchildren and siblings of Adrienne Sweeney, who lost her battle with mesothelioma - an extremely aggressive form of lung cancer - in August 2015.

Previously such claims concerning ‘secondary asbestos dust inhalation’ and subsequent illness and death have been settled out of court.

Despite this, Judge Lady Carmichael said there was clear evidence from 1965 that people were at risk of developing mesothelioma through secondary exposure to asbestos but found that the company failed to take any precautions to protect relatives of its employees, such as having work clothes washed at the factory, until after 1971.

The full report including background is available to be read from the Scotland’s Sunday Herald newspaper website which reported on the ruling yesterday 26th July, by clicking on the pic above.

Source: The Sunday Herald

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