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Severe Heat And Sun Warning As Royal Mail Group Issues Message To Managers – ‘Stay Safe in the Sun’

With temperatures rising, it’s important that all members working outdoors stay safe in the Sun and avoid Sun Burn, Heat Stress and Dehydration.

Given that the hot weather is forecasted to continue with temperatures as high as 35c/95F the Royal Mail Safety Health and Environment Management team have been briefed to make sure that Operational Managers and Royal Mail and Parcelforce Delivery/Collection workers are focussed on the Sun Safety messages and also that Unit Managers complete a Severe Weather Risk Assessment for “Sun” to avoid unnecessary staff sun burn/sun stress/dehydration conditions which could lead to injury or illness.

Pic: Dave JoyceCWU’s National Health, Safety & Environment Officer Dave Joyce writes in his Letter to Branches with members in RMG (LTB421/18):

Managers and staff have been reminded of the key messages in WTLL this week and the “Stay Safe in the Sun” guidance has been reissued.  WhatsApp users have also been sent a video message from Dr Shaun Davis.
Managers must carry out a Severe Risk Assessment in consultation with the CWU ASR ‎where the temperature and the periods of sun exposure increase significantly as at present.

To complete a severe weather risk assessment managers need to visit the Royal Mail Intranet, SHE Management System Standard 2A:1 entitled ‘Severe Weather Risk Assessment’, download a copy of the risk assessment and complete the details for their office, they then need to click on the Heat & Sun Symbol and work through the questions. The risk assessment will then prompt a list of controls which the manager should consider implementing depending on the local conditions.‎

The Manager must consult the CWU ASR on the assessment and controls as set out in the assessment process and take account of the ASR’s input.

‎The CWU HQ Health Safety and Environment Dept has raised concerns with RMG HQ Directors, SHE, HR, as well as the Chief Operating Officer requesting that Unit managers be reminded of their risk assessment obligations.

Managers have been asked to brief their outdoor staff on Sun Safety as follows – to take these simple steps in Sunny, Hot weather in order to not put their health at risk:

Cover up – To keep the sun off your skin, wear long, loose clothing. Your uniform is made from a special fabric to protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Protect your head– Ensure you protect your head, face, ears and neck. Wear the wide brim hat that’s part of your uniform – it’s specially treated to protect against the sun. Remember to use sunglasses with UV protection.

Seek shade – Seek shade away from the sun when you have the chance, especially during the most powerful ultraviolet periods between 11am and 3pm in the summer months.

Use sunscreen– Use SPF 30 or higher on any exposed skin – apply it half an hour before going outside, put plenty of sunscreen on and reapply it frequently.

Be skin safe– Report mole changes (size, shape, colour, itching or bleeding) or any other concerns about your skin to your doctor as soon as possible – don’t put it off, early treatment is important.

Drink plenty of water on warmer days to prevent dehydration.


See also: Unionsafety E-Library Database for Sun Safety information

Source: Dave Joyce CWU

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