2023-08-25 10:28

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The End Of NHS Universal Healthcare Is Nigh!

What started out as supposed Sustainability and Transformation Plans for NHS Hospitals has now turned into the sneaking out of a list of 17 NHS treatments to be cut and so only available from private healthcare companies, the warnings written on the walls of every hospital and in every political constituency ward during the 2017 election has come to fruition.

This year, 2018, will be seen as the end of universal comprehensive healthcare from the NHS and the slow forcing of patients into having no choice but to pay for treatments from the private sector. The current list of 17 operations/treatments being withdrawn by the NHS, from operations on varicose veins to breast reduction and facial moles will be just the beginning.

In the likes of Canada and the USA, items such as crutches, walking boots and plasters to cover wounds have to be paid for there and then by the patient and this will no doubt be the next thing that this Tory government will introduce, along with charges of £10 to visit a GP!

However, rather than blame the Government and the cash strapped NHS, and because warnings about the demise and slashing of the NHS have by and large been been ignored by the electorate in all general elections since 2010; it is time the public started to question themselves as to why such a government is being elected by them!

Furthermore, the blackout of real news about the destruction of the NHS from TV news media, radio and newspapers; has enabled the Tories to do all this undercover from real scrutiny by UK's mainstream media. This of course all started with the non-reporting of the debate over and the carrying of Landsley's bill which brought in whole scale privatisation of NHS via the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The list of procedures that the NHS will no longer provide includes:

Tonsillectomy, Haemorrhoid, Carpal tunnel, breast reduction, Glue Ear, Shoulder/knee, Dupuytren, Ganglion, Trigger finger, hysterectomy, facial moles and skin lesions.

Lawyer, Broadcaster and journalist Peter Stefanovic released this video today which gives full details of this latest attack on comprehensive healthcare that the Tories have always hated:


This is nothing nothing less than Tory conscious cruelty in the same way its treatment of the disabled has been. There is absolutely NO clinical evidence to back up these withdrawals of treatment – and is simply a decision to end even the pretence of the NHS as a comprehensive health service.

This of course was part of individual Sustainability and Transformation Plans being pushed by Clinical Commissioning Groups around the country, but now the government has decided that such withdrawals of treatment should be universal across the whole of England.

In the meantime, remember this: £58 Billion in tax is missing due to the Tories cutting taxes to the rich and refusing to close loop holes which allows tax avoidance; along with the running of 'tax-havens' by British Protectorates such as the British Virgin Islands and the Kaman Islands to name just two!

Source: Twitter / Skwawkbox

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