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Busy Week Of Workplace Inspections For Union Safety Reps In Dog Awareness Week

Union Safety Reps have the legal right to inspect workplaces as per the Safety Reps and Safety Committees Regulations 1978, and this coming week will be a very busy one for all CWU safety reps within Royal Mail Group as part of the Dog Awareness Week 2018 starting Monday 25th June.

The work of the Union's safety reps in all businesses with CWU members (e.g. BT Royal Mail, Santander, and o2) is seldom heralded outside of the CWU H&S Community, but the high profile that the CWU now has in the co9mmunity and with the HSE and TUC; is in part due to the work being done by the Health & Safety Dept on Dog Awareness Week and it's partnership approach with other organisations and businesses concerned about the horrendous toll of dog bites and subsequent injuries suffered, in this country.

So just what do CWU's army of Health and Safety Reps actually do during Dog Awareness Week? you may ask.

Below is a document of inspections programme which is just one example of the involvement of CWU Union Safety Reps in the campaign to ensure all postal workers are dog aware. This has been agreed jointly between the CWU and Royal Mail Group's H&S departments:

Reading this will give the non-health and safety aware person just one example of the important work done by the CWU's USRs and it's Health & Safety Department.

This website has further resources, many of which are from the CWU H&S Dept, that can be downloaded from the Unionsafety E-Library Database. Search category, 'dangerous dogs' and 'dangerous dogs NI' can be used to access the resources.

Source: CWU H&S Dept / unionsafety


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