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CWU Health & Safety And Disability Activist Featured In TUC 150 Year Celebrations

Union Safety Reps are reknowned for the work they do in making major differnece to people's working lives, and to their personal lives in many cases too.

With the TUC celebrating it's 150 Year Anniversary since its founding on ... Health & Safety reps are featured strongly by the TUC as a force fro good and an irreplaceable element of any Trade Union's arsinal in their fight for healthier and safer working conditions for it's members and by default for all their work colleauges too.

With so much of a Union Safety Rep's work involving changes to workplaces, job procedures and ensuring those suffereing from injury and disability are supported and maintained at work, rather than being dismissed on the grounds of capability; being refferred to as being part of 'a small army of life-savers', is very apt when it comes to the work and commitment of the CWU's army of Safety Reps of which Tony Sneddon is a very influential member.

Pic: Tony SneddonIt is usually the Union's Health & Safety Reps and Area Safety Reps in the case of Royal Mail that do so much to support disabled workers in real terms; proving that in fact equality and health & Safety are two major issues for trade unions that are inextricably linked. Sadly many workplace injuries can cause disability to workers, with the usual repsonse form the employer to use this as an excuse to stop employment of the individual concerned.

It is people such as Tony whose trainign as a Union health & safety rep, are able to offer employers a different approach and keep the person affected in work and save the employer the cost of training someone new. Often, adjustments in the workplace or alternative work placement can be achieved at minimal cost to the employer.

But the true cost to the worker and their family of being made unemployed, can never be underestimated and without the Trade Unions and their health & Safetyy reps, so many worker's families would be paying that terrible cost.

Tony spent most of his working life as a CWU Branch Official, dealing with health & safety and disability.

As he told the TUC:

"I used to do health and safety inspections on the greatest patch in the world. Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort William, Stornoway and so on. It was brilliant.

We sorted out disability access issues for employees and the general public – we put in ramps, extra seating, hearing loops. It doesn’t cost much. Not many people need those things, but it makes all the difference in the world if you do."

Tony is featured amongst other Trade Union Safety Reps as part of the TUC's celebrations.

You can see Tony's full feature and that of other Union Safety Reps in the TUCs Anniversary webpages here

Source: TUC / Unionsafety

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