2023-08-25 10:28

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CWU Health & Safety Dog Campaign Week In The News

So it continues - the CWU's health and safety dept once again in the national news! This time it is with regard to the national disgrace of dangerous dogs, and the need for the Union's joint campaign with RMG, RSPCA, The Dog's Trust and other groups concerned about the continued toll of serious injury and even death as a result of irresponsible dog owners and their 'pets'.

Always at the forefront of this issue, the CWU gets major media attention as a result of the work done by its Union Safety Reps locally and by Dave Joyce nationally.

From CWU Area Safety Reps giving dog awareness talks to school children in the local community, to the Union's National Health, Safety, and Environment Officer issueing press releases to nation al media, Dangerous Dogs and the human toll is not far from the mentioning of the CWU in local and natiuonal media.

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