2023-08-25 10:28

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Keel's Petition Getting Support From Labour CP And Trade Union Members

Beverley Kenyon Health and Safety Officer has been busy promoting the Unionsafety petition to the TUC, better known in her Bootle IPS Branch of the CWU as 'Keel's Petition and collecting more signatures at Labour Live yesterday.

Not missing any opportunity, she asked the people on the coach which left from Liverpool, to Labour Party event which included members from the local CLP and Youth Labour. There were also a mixture of unions on the coach including CWU, Unite and PCS.

Readers, will recall how Beverley's visit to a local Dog Show on Merseyside gave her dog Keel, the opportunity to collect signatures to the petition and Beverley has not been slow at telling everyone of Keel's hard work in ensuring wider support for the petition!

Terms of the petition:

To: Workers in the UK

Trade Union Health and Safety must be prioritised & strengthened with Brexit looming

Urge the TUC to strengthen trade union partnerships and put prime focus on individual unions to prioritise and increase focus on their individual H&S departments & structures, this is in readiness for post Brexit Britain and it's workforce.

Why is this important?

HEALTH & SAFETY was the main reason for the birth of the trade union movement. There is no doubt with the current government attack on trade unions and a possible all out onslaught when we arrive at ‘post Brexit’ Britain, Trade Unions will no doubt find the coming years increasingly difficult. 

For this reason alone TRADE UNIONS must immediately prioritise H&S now and strengthen links with other unions. Every individual worker has the right to a safe & healthy working environment. Workers are better protected with a strong & robust union that adopt a prime focus on Health & Safety at work.

You too can add your name to 'Keel's Health & Safety Petition' by clicking on Beverley and Keel's picture above.

Source: Beverley Kenyon / unionsafety

Pic: Bak to News icon link

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