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Our Health & Safety Reps In The Community - A Positive Voice For The CWU

"We have now seen a combined 17% reduction in RTC's across Wirral coast and Liverpool
delivery offices in 2017 due to this partnership work." - Jamie McGovern CWU ASR

The only thing the majority of the public know about Trade Unions and the CWU in particular, is when strikes take place; and the public's post doesn't get delivered!

Despite the work being done by CWU Health & Safety Reps, both in the workplace and the wider communities in which their Branch's sit; nor in many cases do CWU members generally. Indeed, even at national level within the Union itself, the work that is done by our ASR/USRs who 'punch above their weight' on a daily basis; is seldom recognised outside of the Union's National Health & Safety Dept.

Except of course, when expertise in Health, Safety and Welfare is required; and then the ASR/USR is remembered as being an indispensable resource of the CWU!

Branch safety reps work is seldom reported to the wider CWU community for a number of reasons, including the fact that like our industrial reps and officers, they often deal with personal cases, save jobs, ensure that employers actually make adjustments to the workplace rather than dismiss disabled and sick employees using their specialist knowledge of health and safety and equality legislation; that by their very nature need to be kept confidential.

One CWU Branch in the North West, reports that mental health issues and pregnancy related discrimination have been two increasing areas that their Area Safety Rep and Safety Reps are dealing with. Pic: CWU USR Badge

But, also too is their work on behalf of their Branch in the wider community with local media, and local businesses, whilst at the same time as giving the CWU an opportunity to show it's true face of compassion, care and public responsibility - in the form of community work and Health and Safety!

Conferences, joint ventures, local meetings with businesses and local councils, via local authority initiatives and even Chamber of Commerce indicatives which bring people and organisations together with a common goal of improving the working, and wider community environments, is were the CWU plays it's part in promoting our Union in a way that no other Union reps get the opportunity to do so; and that is in the field of Health and Safety.

The impact upon local businesses and authorities when they meet CWU health & Safety Reps for the first time and especially when they are presented with awards; is only positive and surprising to many who see Trade Unions as only a negative impact on business and community whenever there is strike action.

Perfect examples of this community work being done by ASR/USRs in the Greater Mersey Amal Branch is their involvement with Merseyside Dogs Safety Partnership, the Tyred Campaign, and by appearing on programmes on Radio City promoting the Union's work, and taking part in road safety work with Wirral Borough Council and businesses on the Wirral.

Pic: Jamie and Mark

AS a result, t two of their Area Safety Reps won awards in October 2017 and by doing so boosted their cause in Health & Safety and that of both the CWU and the employer, in this case Royal Mail.

As quoted, Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern told unionsafety that as a direct result of this campaign:

"We have now seen a combined 17% reduction in RTC's across Wirral coast and Liverpool delivery offices in 2017 due to this partnership work."

Jamie and his colleague, Mark Evans were interviewed following the event of a 'Mock Trial' of a driver who had driven in a dangerous manner, and asked their opinion of the event which saw CWU Safety Reps, councilors, and local business managers getting together for an awards ceremony that included the mock trial event:

Do you have an ASR or USR who remains an 'unsung safety hero' whose involvement at work and in the community can be reported upon?

If so, contact Unionsafety with details, or write your own report to be included in this website.

You can contact the web editor by using this on-line form here

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Source: Unionsafety / Gt Mersey Amal / C Ingram


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