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CWU Safety Reps Run Hearing Loss Day At Santander Bootle

Hearing loss can become a problem for anyone at any time, irrespective of age and general health.

Young people are becoming more at risk of hearing loss. It is estimated that 360 million people worldwide experience hearing loss, with 32 million of them being children. Even more concerning is that 60% of these children experience hearing loss as a result of preventable causes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning in 2015, reporting it estimates that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are currently at risk of hearing loss, specifically due to increased exposure to recreational noise.

Recognising this, an event for the CWU's North West Health & Safety Forum was organised by Beverley Kenyon CWU Bootle IFS Branch Health and Safety Officer on signing for those hard of hearing and with total hearing loss with a guest speaker from Action On Hearing Loss (formerly RNID),

Prior to that event an open day for all staff at Bootle Santander Beverley Kenyon CWU Health and Safety Officer and Peter Wick CWU Health and Safety Rep had organised a Hearing Loss Day and invited the North West Equity Team Chair Barry Taylor to join them at the event at Santander, in Bootle.

Equality was promoted at the event too, as can be seen in the pic to the right.

The Hearing Dogs attended and free hearing test from Spec Savers for Union members were offered. Tracey Williams from Simply Health attended too.

The event took place on the 6th June, with games and quizzes everybody had a great day including members of the CWU North West Regional Health & Safety Committee who attended to also support the event. The event was a huge success and very hectic for the organisers with so many people attending.

Many people had never heard of Hearing Dogs prior to the event and so it was good to give them and the organisation that trains them publicity for the unique work they do.

Relevant to the event of course is the World Health Organisation's report into the possible epidemic of hearing loss that may develop amongst children and young people across the world.

The WHO considers the unsafe use of personal devices such as Smartphones to be one of the key factors responsible for an increased risk of hearing loss in young people. Attendance at noisy venues such as nightclubs, concerts and festivals is another concern.

The WHO recommend limiting the time spent listening to personal audio devices, and wearing earplugs to noisy recreational activities. Taking breaks during these events is always a good idea as well. Noise-cancelling headphones can go a long way, in that they require less volume and therefore are less likely to expose a person to dangerous levels of noise.

See also: WHO Highlights Serious Hearing Loss Threat Posed By Exposure To Recreational Noise

Concerned? Check your hearing now here: Action On Hearing Loss

Source: Beverley Kenyon / unionsafety / World Health Organisation


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