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Unionsafety Petition Gets High Profile Political Support

Pic: Beverley KenyonThe CWU Health & Safety Community’s Unionsafety Petition hosted on the 38 degrees petitions website has many high profile supporters within the Trade Union movement and, now within the world of politics - all due to Beverley Kenyon.

The terms of the Petition To Prioritise Health & Safety At Work - TUC And All Trade Unions is simply this:

"Urge the TUC to strengthen trade union partnerships and put prime focus on individual unions to prioritise and increase focus on their individual H&S departments & structures, this is in readiness for post Brexit Britain and it's workforce."

Beverley Kenyon, CWU Health and Safety Officer for the Bootle IPS Branch, recently attended the Liverpool Labour Women’s Forum lunch at the Devonshire House Hotel in  Edge Lane Liverpool to celebrate the first women finally gaining the right to vote and the 70th birthday of the NHS.

These events had a major impact on the lives of women in the UK.

Few people realise that ALL Women were never given the vote through the legislation of 1918. The Representation of The People ACT came to fruition that year, but only gave Women over the age of 30 and who owned property; the right to vote.

It was not until subsequent legislation in the form of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928 that ALL women over the age of 21 were given the right to vote on equal terms with men.

Women were also disproportionally and adversally affected by the lack of healthcare prior to 1948.

That year when Aneurin Bevan the health secretary, launched the NHS at Park Hospital in Manchester, known now as Trafford General Hospital, it was the beginning of an ambitious plan to bring good healthcare to all.

Prominent guest speakers at the Devonshire House Hotel event were Jennie Formby and Yvette Cooper, along with Eileen Marks Associate Medical Director Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Beverley attended, taking the opportunity to promote our petition and gather signatures.

She told Unionsafety:

“With question and answer sessions about Brexit, the NHS and other subjects, I took the opportunity to spread the word about the petition and get many of the women attending to sign up.

On explaining the need for the petition and it’s aims, I was able to get Jennie Formby the General Sec of the Labour Party to sign it as well.”

The speeches were well received, especially Yvette Cooper's as she pledged future support for women and their campaigns and for the NHS, on which she concluded her contribution to the evening's event.


You can sign the petition here

Source: Beverley Kenyon

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