2023-08-25 10:28

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What Does A Weekend, A CWU Safety Rep, And A Dog Have In Common?

Pic: Beverley and Keel - click to sign the petitionThe answer? - A day out for Beverley Kenyon and her husband (a Unison member) with the family pet dog Keel at the local Guide Dog's Show, whist gathering signatures for the CWU Health & Safety Community's 38 Degrees Petition!

The petition was set up by CWU Union Safety Reps concerned about the Tory Government policies and leaving the EU which has the potential of destroying a lot of worker's rights including more health and safety at work legislation.

It urges all Trade Unions to strengthen their health and safety budgets, resources and structures.

Beverley says that this was their dog Keel's first bit of trade union action apparently! So the petition is now formally known as Keel's Petition in the Kenyon household!

Beverley Kenyon is CWU Bootle IFS Branch Health & Safety Officer and spends a lot of her spare time in Trade Union activities, including Equality issues and supporting the local community. She organised an event in her Branch this week which included Hearing Dogs attending to promote the use of pedigree dogs ass an aid for those suffering severe hearing loss.

You too can add your name to 'Keel's Health & Safety Petition' by clicking on Beverley and Keel's picture.

Source: unionsafety / Beverley Kenyon

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