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Young Workers As CWU Union Safety Reps Key To The Union's Future

As General Secretary, Dave Ward said at last month’s CWU Annual Conference, “young workers are the future of this Trade Union”.

Health & Safety and Union Safety Reps are critical to the future of the CWU and ALL trade unions and enjoy legal rights that no other Trade Union official has in any shape or form, not even a Branch Secretary!

Ensuring the CWU does not lose the expertise it has through it’s ‘army of lifesavers’ to quote the HSE at the H&S fringe meeting held at Conference 2018, must be one the greatest tests facing the CWU, given the age profile of existing ASRs and USRs.

Very often it is the USR that members meet even before their Branch officers or union rep, and when it comes to recruitment; the issue of health & safety at work is one of the key, if not THE key reason for workers to join their Trade Union.

As might well be expected from the CWU in the North West, as it leads the regions on health & safety, one of its Branch's at their meeting last night unanimously adopted as Branch policy the following motion:

The CWU Greater Mersey Amal branch held it's monthly Central Committee Meeting at which the motion was moved and seconded by Jamie McGovern and Derek Maylor Branch ASR and USR respectively; and carried unanimously.

Following the passing of the motion Jamie told Unionsafety:

" This motion was passed unanimously and confirms the Branch's commitment to both the Health & Safety of our members as well as recognising that our young worker members are the future of not only our Branch but that of the CWU. Having young workers as Union Safety Reps has to be a priority for our branch and this union."

Derek said: "Health and Safety within the T&FS constituency of the Union can only benefit from our young worker members becoming Health & Safety Reps. Our H&S Education is second to none and the opportunities for increased development as young people passionate in health and safety are certainly there."

Following this, the Branch safety officials will be meeting up with Branch Young Worker's Officer, Elli Long to implement the terms of the motion.

The motion was formulated by Derek Maylor, Jamie McGovern and retired branch member Chris Ingram.

This former CWU recruitment campaign video makes the point about the importance of health and safety to member's joining the Union very well.

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