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CWU Launches Controversial Re-Design Of The Union

Most members won't have heard of a major project that the whole of the Union is going through - that of re-organising the CWU's structure both in terms of CWU HQ Departments and throughout the country.

Pic: Re-Design booklet - click to downloadThe Union right now, as are all Trade Unions; is facing the most challenging time in recent memory. Attacks from the Tory Government, and the impending threat of Brexit which will enable the Government to abandon worker's rights, health & safety at work, food safety standards and environmental targets.

In order to equip itself and make it more streamlined and fit for purpose in the above circumstances, the CWU is busy consulting with Branches over the format that re-organising the Union will take.

This project is called Re-Design.

You can download the Re-Desiogn booklet here for information on the issues involved and the reasoning behind this project.

CWU Branch Officers will be discussing this shortly and passing on their findings, views and suggestions to CWU HQ within a short timescale ending on 11th May, based on a questionnaire in response to the main questions in the booklet.

Members having a view on anything in the booklet, are reminded to contact their local Branch Secretary in the first instance.

Source: CWU

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