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CWU National Officer Interviewed Following Scots Parliament Dangerous Dogs Meeting

The CWU continues to ‘push above it’s weight’ in the area of Health & Safety and especially on the issue of Dangerous Dogs.

As a result of the continued and unabaited campiagning by Dave Joyce, the head of the Union’s very much respected Health & Safety Department, a Motion goes before the Scottish Parliament on 8th May sponsored by a cross-party group of MSPS on Dangerous Dogs legislation.

Dave has called for “a good number of people attending in Royal Mail 'Blue ‎Shirts' to make a public show of our campaign”.

Following the presentation by CWU’s Dave Joyce who has spear-headed the Union’s very successful Dangerous Dogs Campaign, to a meeting of Scotland’s MSPs and parents and their children who had been attacked and injured by these dogs, a radio interview with CWU was aired on one of Scotland’s most popular radio stations.

The Dave Joyce Interview with Lesley Paterson of Radio Clyde took place outside the Scottish Parliament following the Dangerous Dogs Meeting with Cross-Party MSPs on Tuesday 24 April calling for a review of the law.

At the meeting the CWU’s National Health, Safety & Environment Officer called for a review of the Dangerous Dogs Legislation and it's enforcement. I especially concentrated on the need to get rid of Scotland's "one free bite rule" currently followed by the Police and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

Below you can listen to the recording which Radio Clyde agreed that CWU could use via their own Comms channels, website etc which has been  passed to the CWU/HQ Comms Department.

Dave told the unionsafety website:

"The meeting was a big success. I gave a detailed presentation on behalf of CWU members detailing the shortcomings in the Dangerous Dogs Law and it's enforcement in Scotland.

Copies of the CWU "Dog Attacks on Postal Workers" Booklet Version 8 and my recent letter to the minister and my letter to all MSPs were circulated at the meeting. (Copies of the Booklet and the two letters are attached for your information). I also produced a booklet detailing Children attacked by dogs who were badly injured or killed.

The meeting was attended by a number of MSPS and by parents and their children who had been attacked and injured by dogs. The Mum's gave heart-rending tearful accounts of the attacks and injuries their children received. The children were present.
The MSPs and their support staff listened intently to what I had to say and I'm confident we can achieve improvements in the Law, it's interpretation and enforcement.

I have received a great response from MSPs, from all Parties and their leaders, SNP, Labour, Tory, Lib.Dem, Greens.”

The motion, evidence documents given out by Dave can be downloaded here:

Dangerous Dogs Letter To Members Scottish Parliament 20April2018

Dog Attacks Children Injured and Killed April2018

Dog Attacks Postal Workers Children Public Letter To Scottish Minister 27November2017

Dangerous Dogs Motion S5M104404

Source: Clyde Radio / unionsafety

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