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Health & Safety Is An Excellent Recruiting Tool - So Why Is It Seldom Used?

When it comes to recruiting new workers into the CWU, the usual arguments are based on representation on the members behalf in the event of any work related problems e.g. discipline, pay, terms and condition (non health & safety) and other benefits of being in the Union such as cheaper credit cards, discount buying, cheaper insurance cover and legal services.

Pic: 20 Reasons to join a trade unionAs any USR involved in recruitment exercises will tell you that health & safety at work is a very good tool to use with potential new members, simply because everyone at some stage needs support on a whole range of issues that USRs are trained to deal with.

The TUC has produced a guide to all Union Reps and on how to utilise health and safety as a recruiting tool.

Further still, it has a message to all Union Reps and indeed one that IR Reps and negotiators should read and take notice of:

"Workers should know that not only are traditional work hazards, such as chemical exposure, work at heights or unsafe equipment, hazardous to their health and safety but also work design hazards, such as work pace and shift work.

These can have serious detrimental effects on their health and should not be accepted as ‘just part of the job’; something can be done about them."

All too often when it comes to negotiating national agreements, the repercussions on the health, safety and welfare of workers is not fully taken into account. For example scheduling of rest breaks in call centres as opposed to allowing individuals to determine when they take a break from DSE work in order to offset fatigue, as stipulated in both the DSE Regulations (as amended) 2002 and LAC94/1 (Local Authority guidance for call-centre workers); both of which are available from this website e-Library database

you can download the TUC document on using health & safety issues as a recruiting tool here and from the E-Library Database


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