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Health & Safety SOS Campaign Meeting With CWU's GS A Resounding Success

The Health and Safety Community within the CWU has campaigned for many months across the UK in order to mitigate the negative effects of the exclusion of Health & Safety from the Union's much needed Re-Design project. Indeed, the only mention of Health & Safety was within the Regional Structure section of the RD document, which effectively limited the ability of the H&S Community to submit motions to annual conferences as well as the voice on Regional Committees.

With the SOS (Save Our Safety) campaign - which initially included the NW BT Unions Health & Safety Co-ord - successfully getting the support of all of the CWU's Regional Health & Safety Forums; the campaign culminated in a document being written entitled, 'Special Redesign Document- Delivering A Union Health and Safety Strategy For The Future', and the presentation of the document to CWU General Secretary Dave Ward at a meeting with him and members of the NEC and Officers of the Union on 28th November.

Derek Maylor, Chair of the North West BT Unions Health And Safety Co-ordinators Committee told unionsafety:

"The Coord were very pleased that the meeting between CWU health, safety and environmental representatives from around the UK with Dave Ward our General Secretary, and his colleagues, went extremely well; the discussions were both fruitful and positive."

He continued:    

"We have raised concerns over the last few months that the restructuring of the CWU may not best serve the welfare of the members or the communities where we live and work so it was satisfying that the research and work that had been put together was received, respected and treated in the professional manner in which it had been compiled."

In conclusion Derek said:

"Many of the issues that had been worrying Safety Reps have been allayed and we look forward to participating in the working party that has resulted for the benefits of the members, the CWU and our communities where we are active."

We eagerly await the imminent formal response to our document from the General Secretary, that he promised would be forthcoming with urgency. This website will provide full details when it is available.

The document will be available from this website along with Dave Ward's eagerly awaited positive response.

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