2023-08-25 10:28

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Sorry You Can't Use The Toilet! - World Toilet Day 2018

Today, as you all know of course is World Toilet Day! What? A day dedicated to toilets??

Well, that is probably a reasonable reaction to those of us living in the UK. After all, toilets are a basic human right, and no house could be built without one, or a decent restaurant, pub, or cinema not have one! Even most workplaces have one!

This sounds like the start of a joke, but there’s no punchline - it’s a serious question.

For billions of people around the world, something we do every day looks very different. For too many, a toilet can mean the difference between life and death. 

Around the world, one in three people lack access to basic sanitation.

Imagine being told this:

That 1 in 3 turns into 2.3 billion people. What’s more, 842,000 people die each year due to water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease, and 892 million people defecate out in the open. This puts them at risk of disease and violence, with women and girls disproportionately impacted by rape, sexual harassment, and assault. 

On this year’s World Toilet Day, which takes place every year on 19th November, and as part of an education and publicity campaign on the question of the lack of sanitation around the world, Global Citizen has launched the above video and an on-line quiz.

You can take their quiz to learn more about the impact that inadequate access to toilet facilities can have on the lives of millions of people around the world. You'll earn two points if you get all of the answers right — so be sure to watch the video closely and keep trying to earn your reward! 

Access the Toilet Quiz here

Source: Global Citizen

Pic: Bak to News icon link

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