2023-08-25 10:28

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UK Citizens Living In EU Countries Far Outweigh Number Of EU Nationals Residing Here

So why is this an issue of health and safety?

Elderly and retired people need to use health and social care services more than the working age population does. That is one of the few facts around the Brexit debate that is true.

Clearly this fact is one of the issues around the NHS, it's budget and the privatisation of it which will inevitably speed up following the leaving of the EU, as the US will flood the country with doctors and nurses, not to mention the private healthcare companies that will have access to the NHS.

Now and thoroughout the 2016 EU referendum debate, the right wing media will have you believe that EU 'immigrants are a burden on this country's NHS and Social Services, when in fact our citizens living in the EU are a far greater burden on the countries in Europe!

The latest figures from the Office Of National Statistics, betray the lies of the Brexit campaign that are still being used today to denigrate anyone not agreeing with the EU Ref of 2016 and to ridicule those who believe that the final deal on leaving the EU should be voted on by the British public.

The lie that EU citizens are a huge burden on this country has been exposed by the facts!

Overall, the number of British people aged 65 and over living in other EU countries is far greater than the number of EU citizens in the same age group living in the UK.

There are around 247,000 British citizens aged 65 and over living in other EU countries (excluding Ireland), and 85,000 people aged 65 and over from other EU countries (excluding Ireland) living in the UK.

As for those who have become a true burden on the UK's NHS and Social Services, they can be sent back to their original member state they came from if they are not working and have been in the UK for up to 3 months; under existing rules and regulations of the EU.

This means that the UK government are not implementing properly the regulations to which they have signed up, whilst complaining falsely; they have no control over our borders.

The fact is that the Troy government have slashed the number of UK Border personnel, and are under resourced to actually enforce current regulations, let alone any future UK legislation on immigration.

What is more, the issue of Freedom of Movement will once again be central to any future Trade Deals, especially that with the USA. as part of any trade deal with them, it has been made clear that freedom of movement is an essential part of any future deal.

Source: Office of National Statistics


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