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CWU Submits Dangerous Dogs Evidence To Post Legislative Scrutiny In Scotland

The CWU Health, Safety and Environment Departments headed by Dave Joyce, National Health, Safety And Environment Officer is committed to tackling dangerous dogs across the whole of the UK and not just in England.

As a result the CWU as a Trade Union has influence across the country when it comes to Health and Safety, not only at work; but in the community too.

Over the years, Dave and his department has collated evidence of dangerous dog attacks and the damage in terms of trauma alone not to mention the appalling injures, many life changing; that such attacks sustain.

Furthermore, the loss of life to such attacks is something that should never occur in a dog-loving country in the 21st century.

Dave Joyce met with Scottish MSPs in May of this year and called for their Parliament to investigate the current situation in Scotland as the toll of dangerous dog attacks increases in the country.

Following the subsequent announcement of a review by the Scottish Parliament into the effectiveness or otherwise of the Dangerous Dogs (Scotland Act) 2010, the CWU has provided evidence in the form of two reports, one being the catalogue of attacks which is now up to version 8a.

In the introduction to the evidence submission Dave Joyce states:

The Communication Workers Union is the largest Trade Union in the Communications Industry representing 200,000 workers which includes 8,500 postal workers employed by Royal Mail and Parcelforce in Scotland.

The Communication Workers Union sadly represents the largest number of dog attack victims in Scotland and across the United Kingdom as a whole and as such is the biggest stakeholder in this subject matter.

Postal Workers face an unacceptable risk to their safety at work caused by out of control dogs. The failure of Dog Owners to control their animals remains a major concern for postal workers and the public. The number of attacks has risen, with yearly hospital admissions for dog bites increasing by 80% between 2006-2016. Seven postal workers are attacked by dogs every working day of the year across the UK which is unacceptable. 82% of dog attacks on postal workers happen at the front door or in the front garden and that number is increasing as we deliver more online purchased parcels.

There were 230 dog attacks on postal workers in Scotland last year and there have been 2,500 postal workers attacked in Scotland since the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 came in to force. 

Sadly, the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 and Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 have been ineffective in addressing the huge, out of control problem of Dangerous Dogs and irresponsible owners due to deficient legislation, misinterpretation of the law by the Scottish Police, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and the Scottish Courts plus lack of enforcement by the Police and Local Authorities.

Summary - Number of Dog Attacks on Postal Workers in Scotland:

  • There are 8,000 Royal Mail Employees and 500 Parcelforce Employees in Scotland.
  • 230 Postal Workers were attacked and injured by Dogs in Scotland last year.
  • 1,400 Postal Workers have been attacked by dogs in the last 5 years.

You can download Dave's full submission to the Scottish Government together with the latest documentary evidence of dangerous dog attacks which constitutes the total evidence submitted by the CWU to the review; by using this link to the E-Library Database and choosing the search category ‘Dangerous Dogs’

Source: CWU / Dave Joyce

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