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Merseyside Man Jailed For 18 Months Following Vicious Double Dog Attack‎ –
Police Appeal To CWU To Help Find The Missing Two Dangerous Dogs

Dave Joyce, CWU's National Health, Safety and Environment Officer has led the fight to change the laws over Dangerous Dogs and their owners for many years, and in doing so has made the CWU the most authoritative Trade Union on the subject that the TUC, Trade Unions and the media go to for information and comment whenever incidents occur or whenever political activity on the subject takes place.

Now Merseyside Police have requested help from the CWU over missing dangerous dogs following an appalling attack leading to the owner being jailed.

Pic: Dave JoyceDAve has written, via LTB587/18, to ALL CWU Branches accordingly:

Dear Colleagues,

Merseyside Police who work very closely with the CWU proactively promoting the message of responsible dog ownership and prosecuting offenders have requested the assistance of CWU members across Merseyside.

Fredrick Farnsworth, a 73-year-old Liverpool man who pleaded guilty to having two dogs dangerously out of control, causing injury to two young children, has this week been jailed for 18 months after the “horrific” dog attack on the children in a park.

One of the young children received very serious injuries to his legs, arms, face and back. The second was also injured less severely. Both were rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where they were treated.

The emotional trauma both boys suffered is likely to stay with them for a very long time. The CWU welcomed the 18 months jail sentence which is a realistic sentence in our view.

However, Merseyside Police said the two dogs had not yet been handed in or traced.

The Police have appealed to anyone who might know where the dogs are to contact police and they have asked the CWU for their assistance in this. Officers have asked anyone with information about these dangerous dogs to contact them so that they can take proactive action.

Detectives have issued a picture of two dogs they wish to trace following the incident which occurred last month.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the dogs, see’s them in the area, or has any information to assist the investigation is asked to contact Merseyside Police by;

  • Calling 101 and quoting incident reference 18200131064 or by
  • Calling Crimestoppers (Independent UK Charity) anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or via
  • Facebook Merseyside Police CC or on line at
  • www.crimestoppers-uk.org

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said this was a “horrific” incident and stressed the importance of dog owners keeping their pets under control at all times.

The Police have asked if Postal and Telecom Workers in the Merseyside and surrounding areas could keep an eye out and to report any sightings of the missing dogs.

Thank you.

Source: CWU / Dave Joyce

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