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Greater Mersey Amal USRs Take Tyred Campaign Into Schools

Union Safety Reps are active not only in their workplaces, but in their communities too, and the CWU’s Greater Mersey Amal Branch is no exception in working within their community promoting health Safety and Welfare, and in doing so also creating positive publicity for the CWU Trade Union.

The Branch USRs got involved in the Tyred Campaign when it was re-launched in June last year, and has wasted no time in promoting the work they are doing to change the law and ensure that the use of vehicle tyres older than ten years is made illegal.

Unionsafety has reported on the campaign regularly, including on the work being done locally on Merseyside to gather support form organisations such as bus companies and schools who use private vehicle hire companies to provide them with transporting pupils to events and activities.

Working with the Branch's Area Safety Rep, Jamie McGovern in going into schools to promote and seek support for the Tyred Campaign, Branch USR and Union Learning Rep based in Formby, Nadine Jump; has produced a superb set of tools which schools can use in promoting safe tyres on vehicles and the Tyred Campaign.

Pic: Nadine JumpEncouraging pupils to become involved and educating them on the need for only safe tyres which are less than ten years old, to be used on the vehicles that take them to school and on the vehicles used by schools when being taken to school events and activities; is the aim of Nadine’s education tools.

These include campaign material that pupils can utilise in developing local campaigns of their own; and to provide teachers with support documentation when presenting the Tyred Campaign and the health and safety issues of traveling on our roads, to their pupils.

Having been a teacher for many years, it was only natural for Nadine to work with Jamie and devise the education campaign which includes pertinent information on how children can support the Tyred Campaign by writing to their MPs and also include the SafeTyres pledge, where children have the facilities to print it and take it into their schools.

Pic: Education pack - click to download in ZIP formatThe superb set of tools devised solely by Nadine is an example of the dedication and expertise of CWU Union Safety Reps, through their work in both work environments and in their local communities; makes them perfect ambassadors for the CWU in promoting the fact that Trade Unions are not about industrial action and strife that the mainstream media would have the public believe.

The Tyred Campaign was started by Frances Molloy who lost her teenage son in 2012 in a road vehicle accident that should never have happened. The campaign is about creating legislation to outlaw tyres older than ten years.

The initiative by Nadine to produce her education tools and to take the campaign into schools has been applauded by the Tyred Campaign promoters, and is available for download from the E-Library Database in Road Safety category.

The file is in Zip format and can then be opend via free software e.g. WinRar

The tools consist of the following documents, which can also be downloaded seperately from the E-Library Database:

1. School's Safe Tyres Pledge 2. KS 2 Powerpoint presentation 3. KS 3 & 4 Powerpoint presentation 4. Data Collection Maths Investigation

Nadine and Jamie hope these tools can be used by all Schools to follow the example of Merseyside schools who have utilised Nadine's Vehicle Safety Education Tools to join the campaign and force this government to abandon it's opposition to the Bill to outlaw dangerous over ten years old tyres which where the cause of the death of three individuals traveling back to Merseyside from the Bestival music festival in 2012.

Editors Note:

Nadine has this month returned to her roots of teaching and is no longer a Branch USR. She intends to remain heavily involved in Trade Union work once she has settled into her new teaching job.

The Greater Mersey Amal Branch remains grateful for the hard work and dedication she showed in promoting the Union and the health, safety and wellbeing of her members and that of her local community. Unionsafety and her Branch wish her well for her future in teaching and in her Trade Union activities. She will be missed.

Source: Nadine Jump / Jamie McGovern

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