2023-08-25 10:28

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Seventeen Medical Procedures And Interventions No Longer Funded By NHS England

NHS England has written to ALL Care Commissioning Groups and Integrated Care Organisations to advise that 17 medical interventions will no longer be funded by NHS England!

In what NHS England call their cull of medical procedures and services, The Evidence-Based Interventions Programme, was established and developed as a joint enterprise between five national partners: the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, NHS Clinical Commissioners, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as well as NHS England and Improvement.

It is just the start of cuts to NHS healthcare provision that will become much broader as part of the Americanisation of the NHS by re-organsing it into Integrated Care Systems or commonly known as Accountable Care Systems!

The programme targets 17 interventions which consist of four that should NOT BE routinely offered to patients unless there are exceptional circumstances and 13 interventions that should ONLY BE offered to patients when certain clinical criteria are met.

The Four interventions that should only be offered in exceptional circumstances (Category 1) are:

a. Adult snoring surgery (not Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA))

b. Dilatation and curettage for heavy menstrual bleeding

c. Knee arthroscopy with osteoarthritis

d. Injections for nonspecific low back pain without sciatica

The 13 interventions which should be offered to patients only when certain criteria are met (Category 2) are:

a. Breast reduction

b. Removal of benign skin lesions

c. Grommets for glue ear in children

d. Tonsillectomy for recurrent tonsillitis

e. Haemorrhoid surgery

f. Hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding

g. Chalazia removal

h. Arthroscopic shoulder decompression for subacromial shoulder pain

i. Carpal tunnel syndrome release

j. Dupuytren’s contracture release in adults

k. Ganglion excision

l. Trigger finger release in adults

m. Varicose vein interventions

As for public consultation and agreement via Patient Voice organisations set up in all CCGs, at least one that objected to these cuts in healthcare provision, Wirral Patient Voice Group was abandoned after its clerical support was removed by the CCG following major objections by the patients group to this list of medical intervention cuts.

Further, despite claiming that local GPs had been consulted it became clear ion the penultimate final meeting of the Patients Voice Group that no such consultation locally had taken place.

This is just the beginning of the 'rationing and cutting' of healthcare provided by the NHS as a result of the ten year funding gap from the Tory Government!

All the above will now have to be paid for privately by NHS patients, causing them to pay twice for healthcare in his country - once via National Insurance Contributions deductions from pay, and a second time to private healthcare providers - if they want these Healthcare needs to be addressed.

The Government's ultimate aim appears to be to ensure 100% of NHS medical interventions are funded by private healthcare insurance in place of or perhaps in addition to Nat Insurance Contributions!

As Oliver Letwin stated in 1984:

Source: NHS England / Wirral CCG / West Yorkshire & Harrogate Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups / Wirral Patient Voice Group

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