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Save Our Safety Campaign Publishes Report Into Future Of Health & Safety Organisation In CWU

Ever since the discussions about Re-Design started in the middle of last year, the Health & Safety community within the CWU has been concerned about the future of the Union's Health and Safety Department, its Regional Health & Safety Forums, and the interface between the CWU and the employer's of its membership and the need to have a unified approach by both of the Union's constituencies.

Whilst the Postal side of the Union is utilising the Health & Safety Dept and its officers in negotiations on health and safety issues and giving timely advice and information to the Constituency membership; questions have been raised about the role of the T&FS constituency representatives at national level with regard to health and safety.

Rightly or wrongly, there is a perceived lack of involvement by the Telecoms and Financial Services constituency with the Health and Safety Department on issues affecting the Union's T&FS membership and a dearth of information in the form of letters to branches. Whilst as previously reported, the apparent transfer of such issues such as Mental Health, Well-being and the employers H&S Policy decisions to Industrial Relations within the constituency.

For this and other accepted reasons for the CWU to modernise in the face of threats from the Tory Government and Brexit, the apparent need for re-design of Health & Safety structures and organisation of the CWU; was obvious.

As previously reported by this website, the SOS Campaign began in the North West and culminated in a national campaign supported by all of the Union's Health & Safety Forums which was successful in calling for a meeting with the Unions' General Secretary, which occured last week; in order to present the Campaign's detailed document on the way forward for Health & Safety within the Union.

A report of how the meeting went, will appear on this website over the weekend.

The CWU's H&S Community has always seen the need for Re-Design and supported the principle of ensuring this Union is fit for purpose and able to promote, and defend its member's working rights and interests as well as playing a pivotal role in the Trade Union Movement and the world of politics which affects every UK citizen at work and at home and within their communities.

However, given the lack of any real mention of Health & Safety organisation and structures apart from limiting involvement at regional and conference level in the original RE-Design questionnaires and subsequent documents, including the special conference agenda; urgent action was required to alert the CWU's General Secretary for the need of a review into the future of Health & Safety within the Union in order to fully represent and promote the health, safety and environmental interests and concerns of our members.

Whilst the document itself can be downloaded from the Unionsafety E-Library Database here are a few of the main points in the document which begins with the following statement:

'The CWU must continue to build upon the outstanding work done by our H&S department and the many CWU H&S reps working tirelessly every day.

We aim to become the Trade Union that leads in safety protection for its members and should aim to set standards and benchmarks that other unions aspire to.

Innovation and commitment will be key over the next 10 years as we transit through Brexit and into an uncertain future.

We must aim to provide the best Health & Safety advice and representation for our members and to:

*Ensure a safe working environment
*Promote occupational health
*Help members raise safety concerns
*Advance industry best practice
*Provide representation at meetings at every level
*Raise issues with other safety or government bodies
*Modernise the CWU Safety

Potential key areas of concern and emerging risks are detailed in this document, which will be fundamental considerations for our union, the CWU, over the next five to ten years.'

The document is clearly laid out and as can be seen from it's Index, covers the full aspects of re-designing the Union's Health & Safety structures for the future:


How we got here

Section 1- CWU Vision Key Areas 5-10 Year Plan for safety

Section 2- Improving safety at all levels in CWU

Section 3- Safety Representatives Charter

Conclusion - What Is Needed to Move Forward

The conclusion that the evidence provided in the 21 page document comes to is clearly stated:

After reading this document depicting how safety representatives see safety in the next five to ten years, you will see there is an appetite for change, an appetite for modernisation, an appetite for improvement.

There is a collective vision out there, this strategy document enshrines the principle of redesign but goes much further in that involves the people who are willing and want to drive this change.

That is what a truly inclusive trade union does, we believe that the CWU is such a trade union.

We always say we are the best, that we provide the best and that we have the best membership.

By adopting this document, the recommendations take us to that place and future proofs safety in the CWU.

With investment and commitment from us all at every level, we will ensure that each and every CWU Health and Safety Representative is truly valued and supported, which in turn will achieve the following goals;

CWU, the best Union for safety
CWU, the best for looking after Member’s safety
CWU, the best Union for fighting for workers rights

The document itself can be downloaded from the Unionsafety E-Library Database using the search term 'redesign'.

Source: SOS Campaign / unionsafety

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