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The Naylor Report - The Truth Of NHS Property Privatisation

As previosuly reported on this website in 2017, Theresa May made it clear when speaking to Andrew Neil during the General Election of 2017 that she backed the Naylor Report into the future of the NHS, including the sale of NHS hospitals and land.

The ease at which this can be done was facilitated well in advance by the Tories in 2013 when they set up a limited company called NHS Property Services giving them ownership of some 3,600 hospital buildings. NHSPS is owned by the Dept of Health.

Of course this followed the passing of the Health and Social Care Act in 2012, the abolition of the Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities, and the subsequent creation of GP led Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

All assets not transferred to the CCGs were then given to the NHS Property Services limited company which administers them on behalf of the Dept of Health.

NHS Property Services has only two members of their management team, one of whom is the CEO of the NHS: Simon Stevens. He was previously in charge of the European arm of the 6th biggest private healthcare companies in the USA, United Health.

So the man in charge of both the NHS AND who administers over 3,600 NHS properties has total control of England's NHS!

Here you can watch a short video made by two doctors, Dr Bob Gill and Dr Sarah Gangoli that goes into the detail of one aspect of the privatisation of the NHS - the land-grab - implementation of the Naylor Report:



Source: YouTube / Unionsafety

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