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Hazards Campaign Leading:

Normal public events for April 28th won’t be possible because of measures to contain Coronavirus/Covid-19.

But marking International Workers’ Memorial Day has never been more important for workers’ lives and health and those of our families and communities.

NHS and healthcare workers deaths were and are avoidable, and the inept Government action is the main cause of these deaths.

So this year's annual tribute and commemoration to those losing their lives at workplaces, or traveling to work and for work; is even more poignant and will undoubtedly launch the annual event into the eyes and minds of the public, who have largely been ignorant of this day - 28th April - a day which will never be ignored by politicians again.

Hazards, is leading the campaign and day's events from physical public gatherings around the country, to the on-line world with videos, speeches, texts and news reports of the day.

Click on the Heartbroken image above, and visit the Hazards website for full details and resources and how you can join the tribute and memorial to those who have lost their lives whilst at work.

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