2021-01-26 17:02

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RMT At Forefront Of Major Disputes To Come Over Long Hours And Worker Fatigue Risk To Life

Staff Fatigue And the Safety of employees and customers will be the Main Issue Tade Unions Will Face After Brexit as the Government abolishes the EU Directive, Working Time Directive which will in one swoop, remove safety in the workplace in the form of measure to combat fatigue through enforced overtime, regular long shifts being introduced, and driver's hours being extended.

Pic: Mick Cash RMT Gen SecRMT has launched a petition on its website calling on Transport Scotland to take action to resolve the union’s ongoing dispute with Caledonian Sleeper operator Serco over staff fatigue and safety.

The union has been seeking to reach a fair and reasonable resolution for months which addresses the main causes of staff fatigue, but Serco has continually refused to take action and rejected the union’s reasonable proposals.

Since March, Serco Caledonian Sleeper has been funded by public money under its Emergency Measures Agreement with the Scottish Government. Serco even stands to make a profit under these arrangements, yet it appears to have no desire to protect the safety and welfare of its dedicated key worker employees.

RMT is now calling on Transport Scotland to intervene as a matter of urgency to ensure that Serco takes action over staff fatigue.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said that fatigue was a serious condition which threatened both staff and passenger safety on the Caledonian Sleeper.

 “All RMT members are fighting for is a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues. These keyworkers have kept vital rail services running throughout the pandemic, so it is a kick in the teeth that Serco has failed to take action over the causes of their fatigue.

Serco’s operations are being funded by public money, and therefore Transport Scotland should now be intervening to bring about a resolution. RMT is calling on the public to sign our petition in support of staff and passenger safety on the Caledonian Sleeper.”

Source: RMT

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