2020-07-27 13:20

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Dog Awareness - ATLAS System Now Being Introduced In North Wales

Dog Awareness week was held earlier this month, and is a campaign jointly tly run by Royal Mail Group and the CWU. Branch Area Safety Rep (Grter Mersey Amal) Jamie McGovern has been involved with the Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership since its inception, and has tirelessly campaigned for Royal Mail and other employers and organisations on Merseyside, and indeed as the CWU has been doing for many years with its 'Bite Back' campaign; at national level.

Jamie's latest report on the Dog Awareness and the reporting tool ATLAS can be downloaded from the Unionsafety E-Library in PDF format by clicking on the pic below.

Here is a brief intro:

Following on from the successful trial of the CWU/MDSP ATLAS system in Merseyside is now being introduced as a reporting system For dangerous dogs in the North Wales geographical area through joint work with Royal Mail & the CWU.

The impetus to develop ATLAS (Animal Threat Level Assessment System)

Throughout our previous partnership work with Merseyside Police, MDSP and local councils it was decided a collaborative ‘innovative’ approach should be encouraged and consultation with other like-minded organisations was warranted.

Pic: click to go to MDSP websiteThis was based on the level and likelihood of risk in the Merseyside area and a chain of very sad local dog attack events. See dog attack Heat map (below) of dog bites in the UK.

The map shows hospital admission rates per 100,000 populations for dog bites and strikes. In May 2015 Merseyside was named the ‘dog attack capital of Britain’, which further highlighted the need for a collaborative ‘innovative’ partnership approach.

In Merseyside we (CWU) have used the comprehensive level of local survey research to try and evaluate the level of commitment required to combat this serious issue that blights our community. Our own RMG dog attack map is also detailed below.
Click on it to download the full report, or go to the Unionsafety E-Library to download it and other Dog Awareness resources.

Check out the MDSP website by clicking on their logo above. It contains various resources in dog awareness and information.

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