2020-06-04 14:20

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Trade Agreements With The USA Already Signed By UK

The public can be forgiven for thinking that a Free Trade Agreements with the USA is something new, given the lack of media reporting and Government transparency on the whole question of trade with the USA and the current negotiations taking place in secret with the USA.

In early 2019, the UK signed four agreements on Trade all of which can be found on the Office of the United States Trade Repredsentative website:

U.S.-UK Agreement on Trade in Wine

U.S.-UK Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Certain Distilled Spirits/Spirits Drinks

Agreement on Mutual Recognition Between the U.S.-UK

Agreement Between the U.S.-UK on the Mutual Recognition of Certificates of Conformity for Marine Equipment

These agreementsa are awaiting the conclusion of the UK's final exit from the EU after which either side (the UK or The USA) will then need to send a written notification in order to then immediately bring the agreement into force.

In the UK, Parliament will need no notification, nor will they need to ratify any free trade agreement negotiated by the sole authority of the Department for International Trade/ Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

The above documents are also available from the Unionsafety E-Library

Source: USTR / Gov.UK

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