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Nurses Wearing Bin Bags As PPE Shows The State Of The NHS In Covid-19 Hit UK

Perhaps one single image that sums up the state of the NHS following the last 10 years of Tory Government's cuts and privatisation of clinical services and the loss of 40,000 nurses and 10, 000 doctors since the EU-Ref of 2016; is the sight of NHS nurses on the front-line of the battle to save lives of those infected with Coronavirus (Covid - 19), having to wear plastic bags to protect themselves!

Why, you may ask? Well, the simple answer is that all of the promises of Boris Johnson and his ministers, are all empty words and propaganda!

None of it is fact, and nor is the 'science' determining their actions or rather inactions.

This is the view of many in the NHS and more and more of the public as suspicions around the denied 'herd immunity' still being in place; grow.

The reality is that the NHS will not be able to cope and for that we can only blame one thing - the policies of the government for the last ten years!

Meanwhile, the behaviour of the public goes from one of total dismissal of the precautions the government is putting in place and asking the public to adhere to, such as self-isolation and social-distancing, to the selfish act of panic buying, creating a national shortage in supermarkets of hand-sanitiser, toilet rolls, poultry, meat and frozen foods!

Source: Tom Platss, Twitter / The Telegraph /unionsafety


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