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Will The Death Of A 21 Yr Old Woman By Covid-19 Be Wake Up Call For Young People|
In Fight To Stop It Spreading?

Chloe Middleton was a 21 year old woman with no underlying health conditions, and yet she has succumbed to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and died.

Her distraught mother wrote on social media, reports the Mirror:

“To all the people out there who think it's just a virus please think again.

Speaking from a personal experience this so-called virus has taken the life of my 21-year-old daughter.”

Chloe's aunt wrote:

"My beautiful, kind hearted 21 year old niece Chloe has passed away from Covid-19. SHE HAD NO UNDERLYING HEALTH ISSUES.

My loved ones are going through the most unimaginable pain, we are shattered beyond belief.

The reality of this virus is only just unfolding before our very eyes. Please, please adhere to government guidelines. DO YOUR BIT.

Protect yourselves and protect others!

The virus isn’t spreading, PEOPLE are spreading the virus.

Life as we know it has changed dramatically but unless we all act now to protect ourselves and others, the longer this turmoil and anguish will go on. Rest in peace Chloe. Until we meet again...”

Source: The Mirror

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