2020-11-02 17:47

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Hazards Campaign Group Latest Virtual Meeting On Breast Cancer And Risk On Leaving The EU

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and every year thousands of people don pink outfits and collect money for a variety of breast cancer charities.

Beverley Kenyon, CWU BFS Union Health and Safety Rep, attended a remote Hazzards meeting to discuss Breast Cancer:

The almost pandemic level of the disease, has affected her family and her as an individual too.

Breast Cancer awareness does not cover the whole picture, and people should be more aware of the causes.

What is the meaning of the term Breast cancer?

It is not only a disease of abnormal cells but also of the community we create too to live in.

Over 35,000 women and men, a  higher percentage of women get secondary breast cancer, and 85 men die per year, 3 people die of it each day; and it's the most common form of cancer that the under 50’s die from. Sad facts in this day and age.

Cancer is a social justice and human rights issue and an indication of the state of the environment we work and live in.

What causes breast cancer?

Well, you are told about a bad diet, lifestyle or genetics.

This may be true but 5-10% of cases are only genetics, whilst 70-90% are linked to the environment. 

Just think about the risk factors for a minute!

Air pollution, chemicals and solvates in our consumer products. Politics and economics are also increasing the risks of breast cancer. Workplaces have to be included in this list of causes as well.

Pic: Pink products con

Women have a higher risk rate due to hormonal changes, having more fat tissues, being smaller than men and a different immune system. Occupational cancer can develope during pregnancy.

Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) men and women need more education and research because some the hair products they use give them a higher risk factor.

What can Health and Safety Union reps do to support members? Map out the hot spots in your workplaces and keep COSHH records updated and regular workplace inspections so we can help to reduce the risk.

Greater business profit can be made in safe working environments. Meanwhile, the HSE are ignoring Health and Safety when it comes to long term health issues and does not enforce on prevention or enforce the control of COSHH regs.

On the brink of leaving the EU we must hope that standards are not reduced as this will increase breast cancer via chemicals and solventsand all goods like Plastics /Antiperspirant/Food/Weedkiller/Makeup.

The list is endless.

A link to the recording of the event can be found at here

Pic: Jane McAurthurResearch  info:

Jane McArthur - Work and Prevention SSHRC, University of Windsor, Canada

Helen Lynn - Alliance for Cancer prevention , Health and Environment Researcher

Jane Stewart - TUC General Council, Unite NEC and Chair Womens Committee, Unite Convenor at Unilever Port sunlight

Here, you can find a copy of Helen Lynn and Jane McArthur presentations provided at the meeting.

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