2020-12-16 6:33

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STUC Supports Government Measures, But Warn Of Gaping Hole In UK Government
Financial Support

The Scottish TUC's female General Secretary lost no time in responding to the latest Government Covid-19 restrictions, and has issued this press statement criticising both Boris Johnson and Scotlands First mninister Nicola Sturgeon.

Commenting on the latest Covid-19 restrictions announced by Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, STUC General Secretary, Roz Foyer, said:

“With cases on the rise, the STUC support measures to restrict the spread of the virus. Working from home is absolutely the right approach and it is welcome that this message is now being conveyed by the First Minister and the Prime Minister.

As homeworking becomes more entrenched, Government also needs to recognise that workers need to be in contact and communication with each other to have a meaningful voice and ensure decisions are shaped by workers."

She added:

“We also welcome the First Minister’s recognition that financial support is needed for workers who are asked to self-isolate and we look forward to seeing the detail of this scheme."

Roz then expressed concern about the lack of appropriate support:

“However, while Boris Johnson finally seems to be realising the need for clear public health messaging, we cannot ask individuals to make ongoing sacrifices without providing practical support in return. The Prime Minister says the UK Government will put its arms around the workforce, but the reality is that workers are being laid off in the thousands as the furlough scheme is wound down."

In clsoing her statement she said:

"There is now a growing chasm between public health restrictions and financial support for workers. If we are to avoid another lost generation falling through the cracks, we need to see an extension of the furlough scheme and financial support for workers now.”

You can read more about the Scottish TUC's new female general secretary here

Source: STUC

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