2021-08-11 13:05

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CWU Report On Welsh Government Covid Rules Change And RMG Repsonse

Dave Joyce, CWU’s National Health, Safety & Environment Officer Health, Safety & Environment Dept has written to all CWU Postal Branches providing an update of The Lifting Of Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions In Wales as it affects shared vans, social distancing and face coverings.

His letter to Branches, LTB329/21 is reproduced below:

Branches will be aware that LTB 327/21 provided an update in respect of the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in RMG. At the time of issue, an announcement was still to be made in relation to arrangements for Wales.

Pic: Dave JoyceThe position in Wales has now been confirmed by the Welsh First Minister as follows, effective from 7th August 2021.

· In line with the approach used in England and Scotland, the legal lockdown restrictions, regarding social distancing have been lifted enabling a return to permitted shared vans in RMG Wales.

· Therefore, fully in line with the terms of the RMG/CWU Joint Statement of 20 July, Royal Mail Group and the CWU will adopt a gradual approach to the return to shared vans and LGVs, Managers in full consultation with CWU Area and Workplace Safety Reps, Delivery Reps and Distribution Reps, ensuring safe working instructions are applied and further infections are minimised. Both Managers and CWU Reps should commence discussions on Wednesday 11 August, based on the joint statement with a gradual re-introduction of shared vans and LGVs, dealing with any practical, operational and safety issues plus recognising any individual circumstances. Special consideration should be given to any Covid-19 high impact Offices.

· Face coverings remain mandatory in Royal Mail Group in Wales.

All changes will be undertaken in line with the principles contained in the Joint Statement issued via LTB 301/21, which ensures that a correct and supportive approach is adopted in all workplaces, which includes an agreed process for all the safety, operational, and individuals’ concerns and issues are being dealt with and resolved. Royal Mail Group and the CWU will adopt a gradual approach which aims to ensure that this will minimise further infections of the virus and any harm to the health of the workforce – maintaining our joint ‘safety first’ philosophy.

Both parties will continue to meet weekly at National level and review the measures outlined above in order to monitor arrangements. This will include the monitoring of any local trends and increases in the spread of the virus and seeking to resolve any operational or individual issues that may be raised by either party.

You can download the RMG/CWU/Unite joint statement here

Source: CWU

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