2021-08-17 17:28

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CWU Thanks Our NHS For Their Dedication To Covid Victims And All Needing It

In case there is any doubt as to the tragedy that has befallen victims of Covid-19, and despite those claiming otherwise, it is a very real pandemic that remains with us and probably will do the for generations to come.

The NHS and it's doctors and nurses have gone beyond in their treatment, support, and recovery of those who are victims of this virus; and many owe them a great debt.

The CWU recognises this and in telling the story of just one of its members who has come out of the worst of Covid, and is now suffering from 'long covid', but on the road to recovery and is back at work; the CWU wants to pay full tribute to the NHS workers, without whom; survival would not have been possible for those patients needing intensive care treatment.

In this video message and tale of courage and a battle for life, the Communications Workers Union announces its forthcoming campaign to support and thank our NHS nurses and doctors.


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