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Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Consults Over Flood Risk Management Plans

It is estimated there are 284,000 homes, businesses and services at risk of flooding in Scotland. Climate change is projected to increase this number by an estimated 110,000 by the 2080s; says the Scottish EPA website.

The consultation article continues:

The flood risk management plans and local flood risk management plans work together to set the short to long term objectives and establish how actions will be delivered to manage the devastating impact of flooding. The plans embed information on climate change to establish the actions required now to adapt to future flood risk and ensure Scotland is resilient to flooding.

Explaining just what they are consulting the public on, the EPA says:

 First produced in 2015 and referred to as the SEPA’s flood risk management strategies, the flood risk management plans coordinate and concentrate efforts by multiple organisations to tackle flooding in Scotland. 

A flood risk management plan is produced for each of Scotland’s fourteen Local Plan Districts. |

Areas within Local Plan Districts where significant flood risk exists are called Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs).

These PVAs, designated by ministers in 2018, are used to identify the key target communities and infrastructure where flood risk management could provide the greatest benefit.

Each flood risk management plan has been developed in collaboration with other public agencies to present flood risk management objectives.

Actions needed to meet these objectives are identified for target communities and infrastructure.

The development of corresponding local flood risk management plans for each Local Plan District, is informed by the objectives and actions identified in the flood risk management plan.

Together, these documents determine the long term priorities and shorter term actions to reduce the impact of flooding in Scotland.  

The deadline for responses to the consultation is 31st October 2021

You can go to the consultation website by clicking on the graphic above.

Source: SEPA

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