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Insurance Company Boss Now Appointed Head Of NHS NICE
To Determine Drug And Treatments
For NHS Patients

Any pretence that the UK Government is not intent on the abolition of the NHS and turning it into the American health insurance based model, has now got to be seen as a big lie, as the Tory NHS England bosses appoint an ex-McKinsey private healthcare US company manager and ex-CEO of Health Insurance Company, Legal and General; to the post of CEO of England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence!

Image: HSJ report click to got to HSJ WebsiteSamantha Roberts takes over the body that is frequently in the news headlines for deciding that specific healthcare drugs and surgical procedures do not offer a better than 50-50 chance of effectiveness in treating cancer and other serious and life threatening conditions, often affecting children as well as adults.

Whilst they have consistently argued their decisions are based on the medical science of the day and the likelihood of further treatment often via newly adopted drugs and surgical procedures in another country, being successful; the spectre of the basis for such decision being based on health insurance company ethics and desire to make profit above all, as in the USA; is now casting its deathly shadow over the UK's Healthcare system.

The Health Services Journal, a subscription based authoritive source on the National Health Service, first broke the news today 17th December. The lowdown on Samantha Roberts career should bring shivers to those concerned about the NHS and it's abolition:

'Dr Roberts joined the capital and retail retirement arm of the insurance giant [ Legal General] in September 2020, becoming responsible for its investment strategy across the health and care sector. In November 2020, she became a non-executive director of “genomic analysis platform” Congenica.

Dr Roberts had previously spent four years at NHS England, first as director of innovation, research and life sciences and then as the chief executive of the Accelerated Access Collaborative which helped pharmaceutical and MedTech businesses get innovative products tested in or funded by the NHS.

Dr Roberts joined consultants McKinsey after working as a surgical trainee in Australia and has then worked in academia, private and the NHS. She was head of operations at University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust specialist hospitals between 2008 and 2012.'

Image: Betrayal of Anuerin BevanWith the Tory aim of replacing the huge lack of NHS resources in the form of GP, Doctors and Nurses with 'life sciences' AI and computer based mobile phone apps and diagnostic systems, Samantha Roberts is a key appointment by NICE in ensuring the Tory aim of cutting healthcare costs, the drugs bill and the NHS wages bill too. Shortages of treatments, licensed drugs and the cheapening of medicines by replacing them with unnecessary and less effective alternatives will become the norm as in the USA.

The American model is based on a system developed by Kaiser Permenante and others which basically denies healthcare that does not meet the criteria of being profitable for company share-holders rather than the needs of the patient!

When you then take into account the whole plethora of business manager heads being appointed into key positions in NHS England, to NHS Healthcare Trusts and latterly to the 42 ICS Boards taking over the administration, commissioning, and provision of healthcare from the NHS with their own budgets and terms of payment and conditions of service for clinical staff in their area thereby doing away with national NHS pay rates and terms and conditions; it is clear that the abolition of the NHS as envisaged in 1948 is well on its way!

With the Health and Care Bill being introduced to the House of Lords on 11th January 2022, it becoming legislation before April 2022 is certain. So will end the journey of privatisation of the NHS started by Thatcher and continued by Blair, Milburn and Simon Stevens.

In short, all political parties in the UK have betrayed the people of this coutnry and the ideals of Aneurin Bevin for free healthcare for all he envisaged in 1946!

The NHS is Dead, long live the American Health Insurance System in England!

Source: HSJ / Unionsafety


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