2021-02-17 18:01

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CWU Responds To NHS England Breakup Consultation Document With Condemnation

The CWU in the North West sees the Government’s consultation document for what it is: the outright abolition of the NHS readying it for the complete takeover of the American insurance based healthcare system!

Their outright opposition to the policy of the Tory Government outlined in this document and previously trail blazed by numerous policy documents and re-organising of the NHS behind closed-doors; was made clear in their responses.

The CWU North West Regional Health and Safety Forum, the North West BT Unions Health & Safety Co-ordinators Committee, and the CWU Greater Mersey Amal, all united in their condemnation of the policy document which is already being implemented.

Hence the lack of true public consultation which was never fully publicised.

Furthermore, the mainstream media of this country for the most part, refuses to report on what really is going on in the NHS. Given that it is owned by Tory donors and multi-millionaires; nothing less than dishonesty via omission of reporting at best, to the diversionary or false reporting of the Tory plans at worst.

Whilst the recent reports in our media have claimed that the Tory White Paper produced last week, will stop the influx of private companies providing NHS clinical services, GP surgeries and NHS Hospitals; in true Tory style, the direct opposite of their media spun claims is in fact the truth.

Up to now, the Labour response to the continued privatisation and eventual break-up of the NHS, has been appalling in its silence! On the odd occasion of a comment; it is far short of the mark and does not offer either the facts or the campaigning opposition necessary to stop the abolition of the NHS which is now fully under way!

The consultation document was made available on this website in December 2020 ahead of the consultation closing date of 8th January 2021. Previously numerous article and documents regarding the Government’s re-organisation of the NHS have been published and covered by this website since 2010.

Notably, this recent posting headlined the imminent ending of the NHS:

Public Consultation On The Immediate Future Of The NHS NOT Announced!

The CWU in the North West response to the Policy document entitled: Integrating Care - Next Steps For Integrated Care Systems was written by Derek Maylor member of the CWU NW Health & Safety Forum and Chris Ingram from the Greater Mersey Amal Branch and web editor, Unionsafety.eu; on behalf of the three above mentioned CWU health & safety groups in the North West and endorsed by the officers concerned prior to being submitted.

The indivudual response to the consulation document can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:


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